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In 2019, I started brewing and like some of the best-known Craft Breweries here in New Zealand, I do this out of my garage!!

As I started producing some craft beers, I gathered a few mates together or dropped a few bottles off to their house for them to sample these final products. I was getting some positive feedback and they were enjoying the beers (probably too much as I was only just able to keep up the supply) so continued brewing and providing them beer and they even offered to start paying me to make them craft beer.

I couldn’t accept money from them, at the end of the day this was something I was passionate about and really enjoyed doing, but they were well relentless, so we started a bank account which was set up to help fund the purchase of ingredients for me to brew more and more craft beers – this is turn was the birth of 4 Mates Brewery.

The brewery and store have already outgrown the garage so we built a purpose built shop and brewery shed on the property to allow us to have more room and I think the Scott’s wife Amanda will be happy to have the garage back!!

Scott from 4 Mates Home Brew Shop is really looking forward to being able to work with all the home brewers and breweries in the Southland and Otago regions along with supplying any passionate home brewer from around New Zealand  

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