Fuggle Hop Plants


I have 50 Fuggle Hops Bines available for sale at a great price. These are currently growing very fast and ready now to plant and watch grow. Why not try a fresh hop brew in the new year when these are ready to pick.

Fuggle is an aroma hop with a 3.5%-5.5% alpha acid rating.

Fuggle has been used in many breeding programs and is the mother of Cascade, Williamette & Styrian Goldings and many more, the quintisential English hop used in most English Pale Ales, IPA’s, Porters & Stouts.

During its peak 100 years ago it was used both for bittering as well as aroma in beer.

As higher alpha varieties came along it became less economical to use Fuggle for bittering. It carries a high carophyllene oil as well as farnesene oil content. This combination brings a herbal, spicy and woody type of aroma to the finished brew. It has medium sized compact cones that are ready for harvesting mid season.

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