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Pectolase/Pectinase breaks down the pectins found naturally occurring in fruit, releasing juice, colour and flavour and enhancing yield. If pectins are not destroyed then there is a good chance your finished wine will remain “hazy” and never clear, even with the use of finings later on. Pectinase should be added whilst the fruit is being crushed.

It is recommended you add 1 heaped teaspoon of enzyme per gallon (4.5 Litres) of wine to prevent hazes. If your fruit has been heat treated then double the dosage rate. Enzymes need to be kept fresh, use up and replace every 6 months if possible, definitely every year, old enzymes do not work. Pectolase should be added before fermentation is allowed as enzymes do not work well in the presence of alcohol. Add at the same time as addition of Campden OR Potassium Metabisulphite allowing 12-24 Hours for them all to work together before either straining fruit juice from pulp to continue on to do a juice fermentation (our recommendation) or adding the yeast in with the pulp itself to do a pulp fermentation.

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