10 Litre IKegger Mini Keg


The newest addition to the IKegger range of mini kegs is the monster 10L! 17.5cm in diameter and 50cm tall.
56.5CM tall with double ball lock top (DBLT) screwed on.
59CM tall with DBLT and plastic disconnect attached.
Skinnier than corny kegs or commercial kegs so you can fit more in a fridge.

It has the same neck as our other mini kegs so our tap systems can be used on this keg.

With the double ball lock brewers top installed these still fit comfortably on a shelf lying down in most fridges. In fact in a larger fridge two of these fit easily with space for a sodastream bottle or 2.2L disposable Nitro or Co2 bottles and regulator making them ideal for homebrewers wanting to force carbonate 10L of beer, have another 10L ready to drink on tap and still without needing a separate beer fridge!

Holding the equivalent of 30 x 330ml bottles of beer there aren’t many circumstances where this won’t keep your glass full all day and night!

Like all our range these are made with 304 stainless steel that has been passivated so that it doesn’t impart any flavor into your beer and will not rust.

These are designed to last a lifetime!

Brewing Tips: Get more info about different hops, malts and brewing techniques.

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