Eclipse Wheat Malt

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Gladfield Eclipse Wheat is a bitterless black malt. It is the best way to add the smoothest dark brown/black colour without the accompanying bitterness and only a very subtle flavour combination. Because it is huskless, Eclipse Wheat will not carry bitterness into your beer.

It is suitable for many styles when you want to adjust the colour whilst adding a delicious minor roast coffee note. Use in place of Roasted Barley to achieve similar colours without the dark espresso character or potential astringency that can sometimes come from very dark barley malts.

Use 1-2% for little to no flavour combination and minor colour adjustment. 2-6% to add more colour with very smooth roasted coffee and chocolate notes. 7-10% for more definite colour adjustment and a velvety-smooth subtle roast character.

EBC: 1400

Maltster: Gladfield
Origin: New Zealand



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